Common- Blue Sky

Welcome to post number three of Understanding the Rhymes.  Today we’ll be traveling back to 2011 to take a look at  one of Common’s must have songs, Blue Sky.  Not only does it use a well-known hook from the uplifting song Mr. Blue Sky by the Electric Light Orchestra, but it also has a positive “never give-up” message.

Here is the link to the song followed by a sneak peak of the lyrics:

[Verse 1: Common]
Aston Martin king, Luther with dreams
The young Denzel the way I move through scenes

Pretty as the skyline, the sky is my eyeline

Son of the most so from up high I shine

This is my inception, I’m writing my dreams

[Verse 2: Common]
It all started with a dream, I wanted to be Run–D.M.C

Open my eyes, yes sir this is what I’m made for
To go hard in the paint like D. Wade or
D. Rose, from the same streets that we rose

Red carpet magic, taking pictures with the president
Told him for health care, my music is the medicine

Different state resident, this is hood elegance

[Verse 3: Common]
Close my eyes to see things in front of me
I’m gone now, imagine what I’m gonna be

Dirty to worthy, now I’m all wordy
My broad up in Paris, looking all purty
-Do you have a craving for all of the lyrics? I thought you might.  In that case, you should buy the song!

Why is the song a must have?  In the rare case you are still unsure after listening I’ll let you know.  Reason one is based on his accomplishments.  At this point there is nothing Common can’t do.  He built himself up from nothing as he discusses in his first verse and now he has finally made it, “Aston Martin King, Luther with dreams.”  The opening line is about how he had a dream like Martin Luther King Jr. and went and chased the dream and became successful, now owning an Aston Martin (very expensive sports car).  Do you have a dream? Of course you do.  Listen to Common and use him as a role model to achieve not only your dream but more.  He is a very successful music artist winning multiple BET awards and even two GRAMMYs for Best Rap Performance by Duo or Group and for Best R&B Song.  But music was not enough for Common.  He has gone on to star in multiple movies like Street Kings, Date Night, and Wanted. His lyrics, “The young Denzel the way I move through screens,” refers to him acting like Denzel Washington.  From nothing to starring in movies!  This man is incredible.  Common is now a successful author with a novel released in September of 2011. With his drive Common is able to accomplish everything he sets out to do.  No matter where you are from, what you want to do, what you have done, and where you want to be, you can do anything.  Common supports your dreams so support him by buying and listening to his song.  As he says, “pretty as the skyline, the sky is my eye line.”  He’s already made it to the top.  Now it’s your turn.

In his second and third verse we notice Common’s resilient attitude.  This type of attitude is what contributed to Common’s success and what you should strive for as well.  If you want to be successful you need to have a proactive personality and a positive attitude.  Listening to this song gets you well on your way to having the drive to succeed and the needed personality.  “To go hard in the paint like D. Wade or D Rose, from the same streets that we rose.”  Yes Common grew up in the streets, the south end of Chicago to be precise but he was thirsty for succeed.  Like his fellow south end stars, Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose (famous basketball players), they overcame the odds of never leaving the streets of Chicago and followed their dreams.  “It all started with a dream, I wanted to be Run-DMC.”  He proved everyone wrong and not only went off to college, but also went on to become a star, following in Run DMC’s foot-steps.  Who doesn’t love the story of a hard-working man making his way to the top? This man’s resilient attitude and arduous   journey deserves to be recognized.  As he says in his third verse, “I’m gone now, imagine what I’m gonna be.”  Do you ever imagine what you could be if you tried to follow your dreams?  Stop imagining and be like Common; go out and do it.

Like Common’s lifestyle, hip-hop has also been changing but not always for the better.  The rap-game has become extremely repetitive. Rap is now always about the same themes; getting money, getting girls, drinking, and doing drugs.  Now sure, these themes are fun to listen to every now and then but there is only so much you can listen to before it gets old. Common is unlike any other rapper.  He has his own unique ratio of balancing the repetitive themes with different topics like chasing his dream.  For example, in his first verse Common says, “Young, fresh, with dollars, ladies go gaga.”  Common sneaks in that he can get the ladies but isn’t going on about it for the entire song.  Buying most rap songs is repetitive and pointless because you are constantly hearing about the same things for 4 minutes straight.  Not only is this song catchy, but buying it is so essential because it is unique and uplifting.  No other song will have lyrics about Common’s journey to the top.  If you are for the cause of being unique and being special then you need to buy this song.

Buying the song Blue Sky is obviously a worthy investment.  Not only will you start achieving a highly desired personality, you have someone’s support to following your dreams and becoming whatever you want.  If this song doesn’t show you anything is possible, nothing will.


10 thoughts on “Common- Blue Sky

  1. Really interesting thoughts. Common has some very deep lyrics and that shows how ridiculous it was that so many pundits were angry that Obama invited him to the White House. He speaks about a lot of important social issues

  2. sorry if I trouble you man..but I see from yr very interesting blog you’re great lyrics analyst and seeker. I’m getting crazy coz i do not finf the lyrics of “Stimulated All Stars” a joint produced by Stimulated Dummies..performed by Del tha Funky Homosapien, Sadat X, Missin Linx and Casual..can you help me pls?? Many thks and much respect from ITALY

    • No trouble at all man thanks for showing interest in my blog. I am not super familiar with The Stimulated Dummies but would love to check it out. Do you have a link to the song and link to where I could find the lyrics?

      • thks for the reply!!
        here’s the link to the song…

        but as I said in my comment I cannot find the lyrics anywhere…and tryin to catch the lyrics all by myself is almost impossible, coz as you can imagine american english is not my language!

    • working on figuring out the lyrics but they are really hard to decipher. I’ll keep trying my best. I’ll at least be able to decipher the majority and get back to you on the meaning of the song

  3. Much of the songs we listen to nowadays are only liked because the majority of people like them. There is no meaning behind the song and constantly repeats the same nonsense that 20 other so called rappers or musicians are doing. We need more music like Blue Sky, because there is a true message behind the song.

  4. I never really analyze lyrics of songs but mostly just listen to them. From reading this I have started to listen more closely and have found a new appreciation for music and different artists.

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