Mac Miller- Clarity

Welcome back to Understanding the Rhymes.  This week we are still going to be analyzing song lyrics but in a slightly different way.  Social media has played a huge part in getting some no-name rappers popular.  Some people love him, some people hate him, but it can’t be denied that Mac Miller did everything he could with social media in order to make it to the top of the charts.  So for this week’s post, we will be analyzing Mac’s song Clarity off of his recent mixtape Macadelic.  Because of Mac Miller’s great presence on twitter, the big catch is…each analysis will be done in the form of a tweet.  Here are the lyrics and link to the song;

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
Figure all this out, I ain’t gonna take a charity
Marry me, wish everyone could shake and play the tambourine
Perfect, I know I love you I ain’t tryna let those words slip
Pure bliss, I knew that we would stay together, we in cursive
Infatuation, when every single move you make is fascinatin’
Gravitatin’ towards anything that gives a sense of happiness
Activist, love activist
Sendin’ my love for girls who got some cuts at their wrists
Hope you found what you lookin’ for, I hope you found what you lookin’ for

You take away the pain and I thank you for that
If I ever get the chance, bet I’m paying you back
Ima be waitin’ for that (x2)

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
Misery, you represent love, you the epitome
So wish for me, I’ll come out of nowhere, your epiphany
Disconnect, from everybody who don’t understand my vision yet
In a jet, is where my mind is so I light another cigarette
To calm me down, so calm me down
Everybody who can save me now is not around, chopper down
Busy today, but can you tell me how tomorrow sounds?
In between, purgatory ain’t as bad as it would seem to be
Live a dream, that’s so cliche but I can’t tell you what it means to me


At first @MacMiller raps about wanting a girl who really loves him, not a girl who just wants his money.  #golddiggers #girlproblems

He thn describes how he really loves this girl thinking they’ll be connected forever like how cursive letters are always connected #truelove

@MacMiller finishes his verse by saying how this girl makes him happy and how he wishes he could make suicidal girls happy as well

The chorus is about thanking this girl for taking away Mac’s previous pain. He will always be waiting for the chance he gets to repay her

The last verse starts about @MacMiller believing this girl represents love and how he feels disconnected with ppl who don’t see his vision

He continues rapping about over-thinking and needing to calm down. Everyone who can help is not around. #staycalm #wheremyfriendsat

To finish, Mac raps that he is busy today but wants to see this girl tomorrow. Most people know their dream but Mac still needs to find his

Thanks for reading this week.  Hope you liked the change-up of format.  If not, don’t worry, next week will return to normal.  Let me know what you think of my analysis and if you agree in the comments section.


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