Slaughterhouse- Goodbye (Joe Budden’s Verse)

Welcome to the newest post of Understanding the Rhymes.  This week’s song is titled Goodbye by Slaughterhouse.  Slaughterhouse is comprised of four members; Crooked I, Royce da 5’9’’, Joell Ortiz, and Joe Budden.  Because of how long this song is, this post will only analyze the first verse by Joe Budden.  If anyone would like to hear a full song analysis or another specific verse, feel free to post in the comments section.

In this song Budden goes deep into a life-changing experience.  He’s been through many struggles in life, especially trying to make it in the rap game, but in this song he describes what must be one of the hardest moments in his life.  Below is the link to the song followed by the amazing lyrics of Joe Budden’s verse.

I remember it like it just happened
I could’ve sworn it was a dream
But in reality it hit me like a nightmare
Or at least that’s how it seemed
I just got a grip on our relationship
We was ironing things out, started picking up steam
And when we didn’t need it is when it all got heated
And we both said some things that we probably didn’t mean
Then God intervened, guess more was at stake
Thought we left nothing over, He put more on the plate
She came home from the doctor with news I’ve been wanting
Says family was incoming, she’s pregnant, twins coming
But that’s gotta be a lie
She sighed, couldn’t stop the tears coming from her eyes
That birth control she on, for them it’s suicide
As long as it’s still inside, two of them wouldn’t survive
Hard turn from memorable to cynical
Picturing clothes for what would’ve been identical
Similar outfits, similar names
My deceased kids’ ultrasound in a frame
So I’m deprived of my chance to be a better dad
Staring at my twins that I never had
I shed a tear, looking up in the sky
Even though y’all just got here, goodbye

Goodbye, goodbye, so long, farewell
But it’s not the end of the chapter
Goodbye, goodbye, so long, farewell
I’ll see you again in the afterlife

Budden starts his verse off by recalling a certain moment in his life.  Everyone knows the feeling when a moment so powerful in life happens, it almost feels like a dream.  Unfortunately for Joe, this memory was a nightmare.  Budden’s relationship with his girlfriend was not going great and they were starting to fight more and more.  Sometimes when anger builds people say things they don’t mean, an experience that happened to Joe.

All of a sudden Budden and his girlfriend found out that she was pregnant with not one baby, but twins.  Budden didn’t think this was possible.  His girlfriend was on birth-control pills.  He couldn’t believe what this would mean.  If she was taking birth-control pills while she was pregnant, the babies would not survive.  Usually child birth is extremely happy and it’s shocking how different some cases of birth can be like this one.  Not being able to stop day-dreaming about what the twins could have been, he thinks of buying matching outfits, and naming them.

Next Budden says what I think is one of the most powerful lines in all of hip-hop, “My deceased kids’ ultrasound in frame.”  The thought of staring at the ultrasounds of your twins who you knew weren’t going to survive is next to unimaginable.  Now imagine actually experiencing it.  Because his twins aren’t going to survive, Budden raps that he does not get the chance to become a better Dad.  Even with this extremely challenging moment in his life, Budden has kept going and is still writing music.  However, he will never forget the day he had to tell his twins, “Goodbye.”

Thanks for reading this week’s post.  I hope everyone enjoyed these deep lyrics.  Budden is going on a solo-tour now starting Novembers 24th.  He is even coming to Los Angeles which I will be attending.  If you are interested in seeing him, here are the tour dates.  I’d love to hear comments and requests are always encouraged.  Until next post…

Joe Budden’s Tour


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