Wrap Up of the Past Weeks

Welcome to the newest post of Understanding the Rhymes.  Instead of analyzing song lyrics this week, this post we will be a reflection on the blog so far.  Feel free to post in the comments section what songs you would like to see analyzed in the future.

Writing this blog has been a great experience so far.  When thinking of blogging, I never thought this topic would be an option.  I used to think of blogs as being geared towards moms with topics such as cooking.  Thankfully I received the opportunity to start my own blog, and of course, had to do a topic relating to my passion; hip-hop.  Because there are hip-hop blogs already on the internet, I had to come up with an original topic.  The chosen topic was obviously analyzing song lyrics and I am extremely glad this was the topic I chose.

I planned to write this blog to be able to inform listeners on the deeper meaning of certain songs.  Not only have I achieved this, in the process I have learned much more about these songs.  This process did not take long and I ended up realizing this on my first post; Uncle Sam Goddam.  I did not see this coming and did not think I would be getting positives out of my own blog.  Reading comments from you guys as readers, seeing that my posts are actually being read through site statistics, and the unexpected element of learning more about songs already familiar to me have been my favorite aspects in writing.  I hope you all have enjoyed the blog so far and would love to keep hearing what songs you all would like analyzed.  Until next post….

On a side note….The Stimulated All Stars request is on the way…sorry for the delay.  Hope you are still interested.


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