My name is Colin Lambert and I am a college student with a passion for hip-hop music.  Recently the genre has been getting a lot of hate due to the radio’s over-playing of lyrically bad hip-hop.  What most people don’t know is that there is an unlimited amount of amazing hip-hop out there and some that is rarely heard.  This blog is meant to not only introduce or reintroduce great lyrical hip-hop, but also to explore the meanings behind the words.

Sometimes songs have really catchy beats and lyrics and it is easy to sing along without even processing the words.  Other times lyrics can be quite complex with confusing stories and complicated metaphors.  This blog will break down the lyrics to a specific hip-hop song finding out things like the message of the song and background information on where the lyrics are coming from.

Really understanding the lyrics of music can change a life.  Personally, I need these lyrics to get by.  When I’m in a happy mood I have songs that keep me in that mood.  If I’m stressed out I have lyrics to get me through the struggle.  Each song has a different story and these stories need to be understood.


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